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Meat Vacuum Roll Kneading Machine

Jan 06, 2017Published by Wendy
Automatic vacuum meat rolling kneading machine is in a vacuum state.The use of the principle of physical impact, so that the meat in the drum up and down flip, hit each other, beat, to massage, pickling effect, the meat evenly pickled pickles, improve the meat knot And the elasticity of the product; the machine has lung respiratory function, so that the product expansion in the drum, reducing the reciprocating motion, improve the meat tissue structure, improve the cut surface effect and increase the yield. Can enhance water retention, improve the product's internal structure.

Automatic vacuum rolling machine in addition to the characteristics of a vacuum roller kneading machine, but also has a frequency conversion technology. Make the machine safer, more convenient, more energy efficient. The machine is made of stainless steel, compact structure, both ends of the drum are used to spin-type cap structure, the biggest increase within the drum beat the space, so that the effect of roller kneading products uniform, low noise, reliable performance, higher efficiency.

automatic meat vacuum kneading machine|meat rolling machineThe following effects can be obtained by using a vacuum tumbling machine:
1. The pickled liquid is evenly absorbed in the raw meat
2. Strengthen the binding force of meat, improve the flexibility of the meat
3. To ensure the slicing of meat products, to prevent broken pieces when the cracks
4. Increase the water retention, improve yield
5. Improve the product's softness and structural stability