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Mechanized Specification of Poultry Market

Nov 18, 2016Published by Wendy
At present, many European countries are experiencing a H5N8 highly pathogenic avian influenza epidemic. German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture informed on the 12th, due to the spread of avian flu epidemic in the country, was launched on the same day, "Animal Epidemic Crisis Management Group." Prior to the emergency response mechanism in Germany, neighboring Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia and other countries have recently emerged avian flu cases.

China in recent years, avian flu has also occurred occasionally. From the civet to the pig to the chickens and ducks "every epidemic will cull" has become a practice. Every time there is a large-scale outbreak of the virus, people first thought is that animals carry the virus to the people, with the big slaughter of animals.

"Every epidemic will be culling" is not a permanent solution, nor an expedient measure, but it is internationally accepted method. The author believes that the prevention of bird flu and other epidemics, the key to effectively regulate the market, a reasonable control of risk. It can be seen that the Government clearly wants to protect the dual interests of consumers and farmers in front of everyone from "banning live poultry slaughter" to "food safety traceability".

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou and other provinces and cities have introduced the "ban on live poultry slaughter" policy. Beijing has stopped living bird trade since 2004, and in 2013, in Shanghai, Hangzhou will follow suit with a view to permanently shutting down all live poultry markets in the main city and refrain from renewing live poultry trade in the future. For the "fresh" ingredients have been paying attention to the Chinese people, the "prohibition of live poultry trade" policy is not easy to introduce, so that consumers gradually accept Chicken Duck cold meat is not easy. However, this ban is actually reflects the people's livelihood, to solve the "every epidemic will be culling," the dilemma, on the one hand from the source to protect consumer food safety, on the other hand also reduces the risk of farmers. At the same time, the prohibition of live poultry slaughter, the establishment of centralized slaughter areas, poultry cold listing, but also better improve the food traceability system.