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Our old customers buy 24 sets machines

Feb 21, 2017Published by sherry
Our old customers buy 24 set machines  
Last Friday, Morocco customers came to Zhengzhou, then they came to the headquarters of our company, this is the third time they come to our company, this time, they directly order 24 sets machines, including the almond shelling machine, peeling machine, hulling machine, mill machine, press machine, etc.
Customers said that the quality of the machine is very good, those machines brought them big benefits, so they decide to expanded the factory, and they trust our company, so this time, they order 24 sets machines. Customers’ acceptance and trust proved the quality of our machine, it is also inspire us to do better.
So, if you have interested in our machine, please contact us freely, we can provide you the good quality and price concessions machines.