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Peach Pitting Machine Sold To Greece

Jan 21, 2019Published by Ellie
A customer from Greece has taken an order of our peach pitting machine.The machine will be used in the customer's factory to get a high efficiency of processing the peach. He wants to make the peach jar production in high scale. So he needs a machine of 200pcs per minute, our machine is really suits his demand.The peach seed removal machine can process 78-208 peaches  every minute. 
peach pitting machine in factory
peach kernel removing machine features
  • High pitting rate. The machine has high pitting rate of above 98%.
  • Adjustable capacity. The output can be adjusted according to your need.
  • Health. The machine is made of hgh quality stainless steel, meets food safety and hygiene standards.
  • Adjustable diameter. The cutting size can be customized before pitting.
  • Saving labor. One person equals to 10 manpower.
  • Easy operation. You just need put the peach on the machine, it will pit automatically.
Pitting Effect
peach pitting effect

The Greece customer knows that our Peach Pitting Machine has double-chain promotes the conveyor belt, and the indexing box accurately divides the direction. Each time the center is found, the fruit in the treatment is difficult to be biased, and the yield is extremely high. Moreover, the development of the steel material needle is high in hardness and difficult to break. 

This is a video show you how our machine works: