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Pomegranate Juice Extractor Sold to Malaysia

Dec 10, 2018Published by Ellie
The pomegranate juice extractor sold to Malaysia, is mainly used to separate and peel the pomegranate peel. Separate the peel and the pomegranate seeds. Then, the seeds can be used to make the juice, beverage, etc.
Working  principle is  that  the  pomegranate from  the  hopper into the crushing plant, after crushing roller relative extrusion and roller blades on the pressure, cut overall pomegranate crowded broken into several small pieces;Crushing plant broken roller for stainless steel, two roller clearance adjustable to 20-30 mm;And then into the crushing plant, on the second broken, broken roller for non-toxic high elastic rubber manufacture, under the pomegranate seed damage is less, the gap between two sticks can be adjusted 10-20 mm;After two stage crushing, has been basically skin seed separation of pomegranate, falling into a no separation of variable frequency speed regulating device (separation axis and sieve combinations),the whole team reducer and part of the transmission parts are all made of high quality stainless steel materials.After each class job, must be with water and brush wash filter, slag, hand out machine material more fruits and vegetables, such as fiber according to the condition of production to add a wash between network, after the press, all with hot water washing machine.
pomegranate juice extractor machine
Pomegranate juice extractor machine can protect the integrity of pomegranate kernels and peels’ integrality at the most extent. The current domestic market share for pomegranate peeling machine has reached more than 90%, pomegranate juice extractor machine is a kind of ideal pomegranate processing equipment for fruit juice manufacturers and wineries.
Machine is full made of stainless steel and machine is cold press, which is very health and safe. It is widely used for kinds of fruits and vegetables, Such as the carrot, celery, spinach, tomatoes, pineapple, pear, apple, orange and so on. It is widely used in the fruit processing industry, food and beverage processing factory, school.
It uses globally proven technology with excellent product quality , it can well meet the low investment , has high production capacity, it can reach 1-5t/h. And the juice yield rate is high ,low juice tannin contention. Also, the juice tastes fresh, the color is also fresh. This machine is easy to clean, you just need the hot water. The Operation is simple.
pomegranate juice extractor