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Pomegranate Peeling Machine With High Integrity Rate

Mar 29, 2018Published by Camille
The pomegranate peeling machine can protect the integrity of pomegranate kernels and peels’ integrality at the most extent. The current domestic market share for pomegranate husk extract has reached more than 90%, Pomegranate skin removing machine is a kind of ideal pomegranate processing equipment for fruit juice manufacturers and wineries.
 pomegranate peeling machine
The workflow of pomegranate skin removing machine is divided into the following simple four steps:
1.Put the pomegranate into the upper crushing device through the feed hopper and press it. The distance between the two rollers is 20mm.
2.After the first press, separate pomegranates enter the following crushing plant for a second separation, this time with a distance of 10 mm between the two rolls. Through two presses, the pericarp is essentially separated from the seed.
3.Separate pomegranates fall into the separation device. The shaft was then agitated to allow the seeds to fall from the sieve and the pericarp drained from behind.
4.Finally, the seed and juice are transferred to the next step of the pomegranate juice line by a screw pump.
 pomegranate peeling machine
Although pomegranate  peeling machine is simple, the technology cannot be imitated.Our company is constantly innovating and updating on the basis of mature technology, in order to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers.Due to the mature technology and long service life of our company's machinery and equipment, telephone service and technical service professional, so our products are very popular abroad.