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Easy Operation Pomegranate Skin Remover

Mar 30, 2018Published by Camille
There are many uses of pomegranate peeling machine, can make related beverages and food, so this is a very promising business opportunity.Our pomegranate juicer is suitable for both large manufacturers and merchants who are small businesses.Because our machine is simple to operate, you do not need to have professional skills.
 pomegranate peeling machine
Just follow the instructions and the machine will operate normally.
1.Put the pomegranate into the upper crushing device through the feed hopper and press it. The distance between the two rollers is 20mm.
2.After the first press, separate pomegranates enter the following crushing plant for a second separation, this time with a distance of 10 mm between the two rolls. Through two presses, the pericarp is essentially separated from the seed.
3.Separate pomegranates fall into the separation device. The shaft was then agitated to allow the seeds to fall from the sieve and the pericarp drained from behind.
4.Finally, the seed and juice are transferred to the next step of the pomegranate juice line by a screw pump.
 pomegranate peeling machine
Pomegranate peeling machine is mainly composed of feeding hopper, upper crushing plant, lower crushing plant, rotating sieve, stirring shaft, screw pump and rack components, etc. It's fully made of stainless steel 304.Mixing shaft is variable frequency speed control.
Our pomegranate separating machinery are not only well-operated, but also have many advantages, such as high output, use of food grade stainless steel, guarantee of product color and taste, etc.
Our products are widely acclaimed both at home and abroad, and are also very popular. This is due to our company's advanced technology and professional services. If you want to learn more about our products, we always welcome
pomegranate peeling machine