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Potato Chips Regional Varieties in America

Feb 27, 2016Published by Wendy
Potato chip is American’s first snack. In 2010, American people spent $9 billion on potato chips, which is 50 percent more than the No. 2 snack, tortilla chips. With its popularity appeared many potato chips company and different flavors. In America it also appeared many regional varieties.
Pacific Northwest
In the Pacific Northwest, the popular potato chip is provided by Tim's Cascade Style. The thick-cut chip offers strong flavors, such as jalapeno made from real peppers and salt and vinegar.

Southwestners prefer the bold and spicy flavor. The populous thick-cut, slow-cooked chip comes from Poore Brothers whose headquarters is based in Arizona. Its flavors include super spicy habanero, three-cheese jalapeno, pepper jack cheese and so on.
Even though the traditional chip is thin and flaky, southerners like spice, lighter and thinner potato chips.
Potato chip which people prefers in this area is Route 11. The features of the potato chip is curly and crunchy. Its flavors include dill pickle, lightly salted, chesapeake crab and Mama Zuma’s Revenge.
The big, hard bite of kettle-cooked Boulder Canyon chip is the most popular chip in this area. While enjoying its crunchy bite, people also want it with artisanal seasonings, such as red wine vinegar, spinach and artichoke, balsamic and rosemary.
The regional variety of potato chips reflects the popularity of potato chips in America. If you want to take part in potato chips production business, our company provides potato chips production line, of which all the machines can be customized to meet your needs.