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What does the banana slicer machine suit for?

Apr 13, 2017Published by sherry
What does the banana slicer machine suit for?The working principle of this banana slicer machine is simple,under the condition of continuousrotation of the blade, through the contact of materials and sharp blade, with an external force the material is cutted into slices according to a certain proportion.

All this machine is designed according to the size of vegetable and fruit, make it to be cutting different shapes like slices, chips, dices, strips, shreds and other special shapes along a certain direction.
It also suitable for vegetable, sweet potatoes, cucumber, bitter gourd, lotus root, eggplant, bananas, apples etc. If you want to cut vegetables into different shapes, you just need to change the cutting discs. Of course, they do also have some differences. Please see the following details.
It is suitable to use the machine for small and medium-sized dining room, restaurant, hotel and home use, fruit or vegetable processing factory, condiment factory and wholesale market.
This banana slicing machine is reasonable design, Stable convenient,High yield, slice thickness can be adjusted for a variety of vegetables, fruit slices.