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The Best Choice If You Start Potato Chips Business

Jun 20, 2016Published by Wendy
potato chips making machine lineMany people want to start potato chips business,expecially a small potato chips business. So what do we do if you we need start a small potato chips business. How about to choose the best suitable potato chips processing machine.We will provide semi-automatic potato chips processing machine for you.

Our semi-automatic potato chips production line can get 70kg potato chips per hour best choice to start small potato chips business. the whole potato chiops processing machine includes potato washer and peeler  → potato chutter → potato blanching → Dehydrator → Fryer → Deoiler → Flavor MachineVacuum package machine.

Every one of the machine with in the potato chips making machine is made of stainless-steel . It's good tohealth insurance and low maintenance.Potato chips making machine is incredibly an easy task to operate. One worker could control two machines. Saving labor cost.Motor from the whole line is fully enclosed,so that it doesn't have danger to person. Used for potato chips,sweet potato chips,french fries,cassave chips,etc.