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The nutritional benefits of orange juice

Feb 04, 2017Published by sherry
Orange juice: use orange as the raw material, through the juicer to squeeze the juice, fresh, high nutritional value, can be used to drink or drink directly through the freezing method.

orange juicer

Citrus fruit juice, especially orange and orange juice flavonoids can effectively inhibit the proliferation of breast cancer, lung cancer cells. Regular consumption of orange juice can also effectively prevent certain chronic diseases, maintain myocardial function and reduce blood pressure. Studies have shown that drinking 3 glasses of orange juice a day can increase the body's high density lipoprotein (HDL) levels, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. In addition, during the medication to eat some oranges or drink orange juice, can increase the body's absorption of the drug, so as to double the efficacy.
Orange juice production method is very simple, just put the oranges into orange juicer.
Our orange juicer design reasonably, both exterior and interior structure are advanced. Where are the original contact with the juice of stainless steel and high-grade plastic wear PC. Food is absolutely safe. The compact machines reasonable, small size, light weight.
The machine apply to small drink shops, fruit shop, restaurants, hotels, bars, the Office of cards, tea - and coffee-houses, a very wide range of applications. Also applies to the success of the family. With the concept of raising the level of food consumption, as people of freshly squeezed juice will replace the carbonated beverage drinks. It is a great market potential.