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Two type of peanut peeling machine

Feb 24, 2017Published by sherry
Peanut peeling machine has two kinds, wet type peanut peeling machine and dry type peanut 1. Wet type peanut peeling machine is to peel red skin peanut. Penaut need to be putted into hot water for several minutes. It uses a high standard of pure soft plastic imitation hand wheel to move the peanuts red skin off easily. The peanut seeds do not separate after peeling.
2.The Dry type Peanut peeling machine adopts pneumatic principle; it can remove automatically the red skin of the peanut seeds without any damage. Mainly used to peel roasted peanut seeds. Peanut needn't be soaked in water can directly use this machine to peel.
Two type of peanut peeling machine 
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