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Fruit and Vegetable Dicing Machine for sell

Feb 04, 2017Published by tina
The vegetable fruit dicing machine is used to cut fruit and stem/root vegetable into dice shape,such as radish,carrot,potato,pineapple,sweet potato,onion,green pepper,mango,apple,ham,pawpaw,kiwi fruit etc.

The machine adopts compound cutting tools, forming in one time, with regular shape, smooth cutting surface and high molding rate, which is favored by foreign trade exporting units. This machine has advanced design, convenient operation, low energy consumption and high efficiency. It is made of stainless steel,beautiful and conforms to hygienic standard.

Working principle:
dial driven objects are high-speed rotation, the use of object centrifugal force, with the vertical knife will be cut objects cut into pieces, and then cut into strips through the disc cutter, and cut material into the cross-cutting blade , By the cross-cutting knife cut into the required cube or rectangular, cutting specifications can be customized.

vegetable fruit dicing machine