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Vegetable Chopping Machine In India

Jan 30, 2019Published by Ellie
Vegetable Chopper Machine has sold to India. This machine is one of the best vegetable cutting machines. The India customer bought our machine in order to have a convenient way to process the vegetable, thus improve the working efficiency.

The commercial electric vegetable chopper is suitable for cutting all kinds of soft vegetables (celery, leeks, spinach, green onions, etc.) and slender hard vegetables (cucumber, carrot, etc.) into slice and shred, also chopper. It is a rational equipment for making pasta and cutting vegetables in the pasta processing industry and the catering industry.
vegetable chopper machine
The best vegetable chopper has simple structure. There are mainly structural components such as rack, pressing part, dishing part, cutting part and transmission part.  It adopts a rotating cutter for high-speed cutting, and the cutting size can be adjusted according to your need.
Good chopper for vegetables features
  • Good cut surface quality. The vegetable after cutting has smooth surface and in good shape.
  • Uniform thickness and uniform length.
  • No damage to vegetable's  fibrous structure, can keep the vegetable fresh.
  • Simple operation. When the machine is working, the vegetables to be cut are placed on the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt is advanced at a constant speed, and the vegetables are transported to the feeding port, and the cutter running at high speed cuts the vegetable.
  • High capacity of 800-1500kg/h adjustable.
vegetable chopping machine in factory
This is our vegetable chopper machine working video: