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Vegetable Cutting Machine Safety Maintenance

Mar 30, 2018Published by Camille
Our vegetable cutters are fully functional and meet the requirements of modern people. Our products are equipped with detailed operating instructions and technical instructions. You can rest assured that the operation process. Our products have the advantages of a multi-purpose machine, easy to operate. Our vegetable dicing machine is small in size and can be sliced in a fully automatic manner. You can slice, shred, and dice. You only need to replace different blades. This machine simulates the principle of hand-cutting vegetables, and the small-scale automatic cutting machine uses This is a new type of product developed from advanced technologies such as speed change mechanism and centrifugal mechanism.
 vegetable cutting machine
Safety Maintenance
1.The vegetable cutting machine should be placed on a horizontal stationary workplace
2.Deal with each part before inspection, switch and power cord is damaged because of transportation and, if there are loose fasteners, if there is a foreign body in the slicing.
3.Power to check whether the dial is turned in the same direction and marked, if not, adjust the power cable connector.
4.There should be no impact when running empty, vibration and abnormal sounds. Otherwise it should be examined before use to exclude.
 vegetable cutting machine
The vegetable slicing machine is  made of stainless steel knives and counter tops, a beautiful shape, simple operation, easy to adjust, easy maintenance, low noise, high efficiency and other characteristics, high efficiency, precise material control, slice thickness of 1-3mm, shred section width of 1-25mm, can substitute different levels of artificial slice shred section, cut out the product neat, uniform thickness, quality is much more than hand for hard, soft variety of roots, stems, leafy vegetables and seaweed processing, can cut production, blocks, wire and other tricks. It is the ideal equipment canteens and hotels, restaurants and vegetable processing dehydrated vegetables, frozen, fresh, pickled and other food industries and factories, enterprises, institutions, schools, military units and other units.