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Vegetable Slicer Cutting Machine For Sale

May 04, 2017Published by Wendy
New fruit and vegetable slicer cutting machine potato slicer thickness adjustable Mainly used for processing fruit and vegetable slices work. Can be processed potatoes (potatoes), lotus root, apple, pear, large radish, cucumber, taro and other stem, rhizome fruit and vegetable slices. Cutting products flake neatly, uniform thickness, finished rate of 99%. demand. Reasonable structure of the equipment, low failure rate, easy maintenance, food processing enterprises, frozen enterprises, vegetable processing enterprises, pickled enterprises, supermarkets, processing of fruits and vegetables, a new type of ideal equipment.

The new fruit and vegetable processing equipment potato chip slicing machine thickness adjustable, completely replaced the bitter and tired of the manual work. High production efficiency, easy to use. Is a few times the efficiency of labor, really save time and effort to save labor.

 We lONGER produced a series of slicers are made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel, in line with the national food industry standards, product specifications can be customized according to customer needs design.Welcome all of you visit our company and factory.