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Widely Used Vegetable Cutting Machine

Mar 30, 2018Published by Camille
Nowadays, the progress of society is very fast. No matter what is done by machinery, it is just like in the food and beverage industry that all of them use machinery. The fruit and vegetable dicing machine is greatly reduced in labor, and it can save a lot of resources, and reduce a lot of costs. This is the highlight of modernization. In the food and beverage industry, the daily supply and demand of people for food and drink is very large. Therefore, there must be a lot of food supply. When the food is transported to the restaurant, it is complete. Of course, it is necessary to cut all kinds of dishes into the chefs. The required shape can be cooked. The vegetable cutting machine is a good vegetable cutting machine, which really facilitates the current catering industry and major demand.
automatic vegetable cutter
Preparation before operate the vegetable cutter
Before using the vegetable cutter, be sure to check that the equipment and parts are in good condition and that the blades of the cut vegetables are not sharp enough. The main thing is whether the line is safe or not. Because in use in the kitchen, it is inevitable that it will encounter water. Then check the lines so as to avoid the situation of set electricity and casualties on personnel. Then the conveyor belt and blades of the vegetable cutter are cleaned with hot water and used. When this is done, turn on the power and see if the idle is normal.

Cutting vegetables
Before the operation, the thickness of the vegetable cutter and the function of the cut shape can be adjusted according to the requirements of the dish. Then put the dish you need to cut, turn on the power, and cut the dish properly. But keep in mind that you must not reverse the operation, and the reverse is very dangerous. Then put the vegetables you cut out on the conveyor belt and make the final cut.

high efficient vegetable cutter