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High Quality Vegetable Washing And Air Drying Line

Mar 29, 2018Published by Camille
The automatic fruit and vegetable washing and drying machine is suitable for fruits and vegetables such as vegetables, fruits, aquatic products and other granular, leaf, and root products, especially suitable for growing in soil.
The advantage of the fruit and vegetable washing machine is that it can completely clean the fruits and vegetables that use a large number of pesticides, chemical preservatives and preservatives, strengthen the protection of pesticides and compounds carried by fruits and vegetables, and reduce people's pesticide compounds from fruits and vegetables. The amount of intake reduced the body's immunity by eating various diseases caused by bacteria and organic compounds for a long period of time.
 vegetable washing and air dryig line
The air-dried production line has been sold to various places with high-efficiency and high-quality products, and its production process is also deeply rooted. It can realize continuous operation. The sterilized product only needs to be put into the conveyor belt, and the sterilized product can be dried and stored in the warehouse after the strong wind power of the equipment is dried. The traditional production process is completely simplified. Production efficiency has increased, and the labor intensity of personnel has also been reduced.
The air-drying line is suitable for many industries, such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, etc. The air-drying line has many functions that cannot be accomplished by other equipment. The air-drying line does not use steam, which greatly saves energy and reduces costs.
 vegetable washing and drying line