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Small Vegetable Dehydration Machine

Jan 30, 2018Published by Wendy
Our small vegetable dehydration machine is made of high quality stainless steel, using high-speed centrifugal principle, dehydration speed, small vegetable dehydration machine dehydration, vegetable dehydration machine without any damage to vegetables. The use of new anti-shock principle, the machine in the operation process of small vibration, rotation and smooth. Automatic vegetable dehydration machine safe and reliable. Dehydration rate, low noise.

1, after the installation of equipment, your company designated operators free training guidance to enable them to master the operation of the equipment and the general maintenance.
2, in the equipment acceptance date of delivery, the product provides one year free warranty,
3, when the equipment fails, we received notice of your company, make timely arrangements for the transfer to the on-site maintenance arrangements to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

small sacall fruirt vegetable dehydration machine