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Small Vegetable Dehydration Machine For Sale

Dec 30, 2016Published by Wendy
Our small vegetable dehydration machine  is on hot sale. It is specially designed to remove the waster on the surface of the fruit and vegetables. Has widely used in the food processing machinery and production line, saves a lot of time for packing and processing.
image for vegetable fruit drying machine
Advantages of the vegetable dryer machine:
  • It is fully made of high quality stainless steel, we can guarantee the health and safety of the products.
  • Using high-speed centrifugal principle, has high dehydration speed.
  • This type vegetable dehydration machine without any damage to vegetables.
  • It uses of new anti-shock principle, the machine in the operation process of small vibration, rotation and smooth.
  • High dehydration rate, low noise.
  •  Safe to use and reliable. 

The most distinctive features of the hot air dryer machine is that  it has no damage to the fruit and vegetables. It is mainly composed of transmission chain, transmission sprocket, bearing seat, drive shaft, driven shaft and mesh belt. The mesh belt is driven by each driven shaft, has no tension, which improves the service life of the mesh belt and facilitates disassembly. Maintenance, the mesh belt has brush edge protection, the protection product is not easy to be squeezed and damaged. For too many dead corners of the product, the mesh belt needs to be flipped many times, so that it can achieve better air drying effect; each time the chain is inverted independently Drive to reduce chain tension and extend service life.
picture of fruit vegetable dryer machine
Installation and maintenance:
1, after the installation of equipment, your company designated operators free training guidance to enable them to master the operation of the equipment and the general maintenance.
2, in the equipment acceptance date of delivery, the product provides one year free warranty,
3, when the equipment fails, we received notice of your company, make timely arrangements for the transfer to the on-site maintenance arrangements to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

Our machine is often combined with the vegetable washing machine in the whole production line, this is a video of the washing and drying line.