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Brush type cassava peeling machine video

Mar 23, 2017Published by sherry

This bursh type peeling machine uses brushes or attrition roller to peel off the deeper skin of vegetables and fruits, and the peeled material's surface is very smooth.
 While peeling the vegetable or fruit, there is high pressure water cleaning them at the same time.
It is suitable for washing root vegetables like carrot, turnip, ginger, potato,  taro, sweet potato, beet, radish, turnip, garlic, onion, lotus roots, and fruits like apple, pear ect.  
 Suitable for those kithchens of school, restaurant, big facotry, food processing facotry, supermarket, etc.
It can be connected to the next processing step like cutting, drying, or packing in a whole processing line. The size can be made larger as per clients' needs. Materials for the roller: brush or corundum or brush&corundum combination.