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Carrot cutting machine working video

Apr 20, 2017Published by sherry

This video shows that Carrot cutting machine working time, you can see it has high efficiency, This machine mainly used in cutting root vegetables, such as potato, carrot etc. And can cut into both strip shape and slice shape.smoothly sections, the operate is safe and simple, suitabel for the market and fast food industry. 

This machine can cut leafy vegetables, such as scallion, garlic, leek, celery, Chinese cabbage, spinach, lettuce, etc. It could cut root vegetables like carrot, onion, bamboo shoots, eggplant into strip, slice or cube shape by changing the blades. The speed of blades and belt can be adjusted by inverter accurately. The cutting size could be changed according to your requirements. A slice blade, cube blade, strip blade and an ox-horn blade are equipped with the machine. Whole machine for Cutting Vegetable Machine is 304  stainless steel, you can cut vegetable into  different size and shap by replacing cutter blade