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Video Of Banana Peeling And Cutting Machine Line

Mar 18, 2019Published by Ellie

This is a video of Banana chips produciton line, which consists the Banana Peeling Machine and Banana Chips Making Machine. It is now a compete production line which has widely used in the food processing factory.
banana peeling and cutting machine line
Our Banana peeler machine is specially designed for the green banana. It can remove banana peel in high efficiency and after peeling, the banana has good cutting shape, thus can be used to cut into slice. The Banana cutting machine can cut banana chips in high capacity and the cutting thickness can be adjusted according to your need.  The whole production line can change the output, just by changing the inlet amount.

If you are interested in our machine line, or have any question about our machine, you can send email:ellie@machinehall.com  to me freely.