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It is easy to washing Vegetables&fruits with washing machine

Mar 01, 2017Published by sherry
Cleaning machine for fruits and vegetables in fruit and vegetable cleaning machine work, power supply to the ozone generator, ozone generator, ozone generated by the ozone pump by ozone pipe into the washing tub washing vegetable machine, in the washing tub and water machine contact dissolve to form ozone in water, ozone water has strong sterilization and disinfection. Degradation of pesticide effect. Mainly used for washing vegetables and fruits.
In today's large-scale use of pesticides, chemical preservatives and preservative, a variety of growth hormone era, each family in a completely defenceless state before, can only passively accept every day in a kind of pesticides and other chemicals poisoning process, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease are associated with long-term intake of excessive the pesticides and chemicals, now have fruit and vegetable cleaning machine, can make each have her family has an advanced means of protection, can eat many pesticides and chemicals in this life can be much less disease, human life is only life health is priceless.
Longer’sFruit Washing Cleaning Machine is designed for the raw material for different shapes. High airflow mixed water washes the raw material to avoid colliding with each other. The materials are washed by the high pressure water, intensity, high effectively, and continuous operations. It is an indispensable washing device for the fruit and vegetable or seafood processing before quick freezing. Complete stainless steel SUS 304, Portion water recycling and stepless speed regulation.
Instructions of using cleaning machine:
1. Starting the machine,pls note the correct direction of running,and open the water valve and add the material
2. In order to ensure the quality of cleaning,pls washing the material one and after barrel
3. Plsase ensure there have no hard material in the wahsing material to protect the brush roller without any damages
4. According to different materials and different qialities to confirm the washing quantity and washing time
5. Link chain,bearing should add lubricating oil regularly.