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Carrot|potato Washing and peeling machine

Mar 06, 2017Published by sherry
This Washing and peeling machine is easy to use, users put the sweet potatoes into the machine barrel , then rotate reel constantly flip and frict with the sweet potatoes. because the barrel wall’s collision and friction with the skin of the sweet potatoes ,the machine is more efficient ,when it is finished,the milled shin and the dirt will flow out through outlet.
potato washer
Description of  carrot washer and peeler machines
1. It is suitable for washing many kinds of vegetable and fruit. Such as, apple,potato, sweet potato,taro, dasheen, radish, turnip,carrot and so on.
2. The  potato washing and peeling machine is equipped with fine-tuning system, simple operation, easy to use, not only save the time and effort, but also greatly reduce the labor consumption.
3.High efficiency, both washing and peeling needs only 1 ~ 2 minutes.
4.Beautiful and graceful appearance , operating and cleaning is very convenient.
5.Machine are made of stainless steel .
Potato washing and peeling machine is mainly made of motor, deriving the advantage of rootstock processing machine at home and abroad.  Hairbrush principle widely used in round and oval vegetable&fruit, such as ginger, sweet potato (yam). It adopts the advanced principle that materials turn inside the rollers. There are 6 to 11 rollers inside the barrel,the rollers made of brushes and grinding wheels.The vegetables tumble rotating in a circle inside the rollers deasile and clockwise. The rollers are made of plastic, so the brushes are easy to be exchanged.The main parts adopt double bearings.The chain and chain wheel are durable.