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What Do You Know About Bean Sprout Machine ?

Apr 23, 2016Published by Wendy
You know who to get bean sprouts what is daily food. Today i wil share some information about bean sprout machine that can produce bean sprouts with magic.

Sprouted beans produced by full-automatic green and pollution-free bean sprout making machine,own shorter production cycle and better quality, compared with traditional handwork. Generally,it needs 5-6 days in summer, 9-12 days in winter in the whole sprouted beans life-cycle by manual,while being not affected by weather and season conditions, 4-5 days is enough for multi-function full-automatic bean sprouting machine.

Besides that, Bean sprouts grow uniformly in the thermostat environment which is controlled automatically by the machine, avoiding the complicated processes during production by hand.
Full-automatic Green and Pollution-free Bean Sprouting Machine Processing

Selecting high-quality beans - cleaning them and aseptic processing - Soaking (suitable temperature) - installing - starting sprouts machine and setting a reasonable parameter - sterile disposing the fertility bud room - observing the growth of Sprouted beans 1 day later - observing the second day - observing the third day - harvesting after 4 days observing - cleaning, packaging and marketing.