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What Equipment Can Wash Fruit and Vegetable ?

May 17, 2016Published by Wendy
The Fruit and vegetable washing  Machine is the best choice for washing fruit and vegetable .The Fruit and vegetable Washing  Machine make use of the bubble, surf, brush ad spray at the lifting destination to wash this product, it is well suited for the leaf kind vegetable, for example the spinach, greengrocery as well as other fruit, for example the strawberry, apple, pear, etc...There are actually four big brush on the water hopper, the brush will press the goods and let the product make it through, next, the long hair can be delete, and there are small brush after lifting spraying to delete the small hair,there is undoubtedly a cycle water tank to eradicate the dirty at one side, and there are two filter net, which can be replaced. The base of the equipment body is inclined, you can certainly discharge the sand. Sprayer is the nylon piece, which can be disassembled.

Main Feature of washing machine:
1. Mainlymade of stain steel, fit for food industry standard.
2. Adopt bubble rolling, scrubbing, spraying technology, insure the washing quality.
3. The washing machine customized in accordance with customers' requirement.
4. Washing speed is variable control, customers can adjust according to different material.
5. Compact structure, high automatic, well suited for different types of enterprise.

Working principle of washing machine:
By the action of the high-pressure water and strong bubble, the fruit and veggies will undoubtedly be exploded, tumbled, cleaned and convoyed. The silt will sink to the bottom of the machine and will never go up to pollute the vegetables and fruit. The floating sundries, worms, hair and others will be collected and then taken away. The clean vegetable and fruits will be washed again by spraying cleaner above and then delivery to next process.

after clean washinng ,the fruit and vegetable can be cutted by vegetable cutting machine . then we will dont worry the fruit and vegetable food.