Vacuum Intaking Automatic Persimmon Peeling Machine

  • Material:Persimmon
  • Capacity:1000 pcs/h
  • Voltage:220v
  • Power:1.5 kw
  • Weight:60 kg
  • Dimension:700*350*830 mm
This automatic persimmon peeling machine adopts PLC automatic control, and the control precision and anti-interference ability are further improved.
Vacuum Persimmon Peeling Machine
Features of Persimmon Peeling Machine
  • The persimmon peeler is durable, easy to maintain
  • Increase 1.5 times productivity.
  • The peeling time of a persimmon is only 1.43 seconds.
  • Due to the vacuum suction and pneumatic blanking device, ensures the quality of the product
  • Reduces the technical requirements for workers, and requires no training.
Persimmon Peeling Machine
Persimmon can be processed into persimmon cake, dried persimmon after peeling. Artificial peeling, not only slow, but also bleeding, sweating, dirty mess, machine peeling, labor saving, safety, good quality.
Persimmon Peeling Machine Video

Application of Automatic Persimmon Peeler Machine
The thickness of peeling persimmon skin is adjustable, it can automatically adapt to the height and thickness of the fruit, and is also compatible with 22 kinds of fruits and vegetables such as apple, pear, orange, melon and kiwi. It can make the processing of fruits and vegetables not idle in the whole year.
Technical Data
Model LG-N
Power 1.5Kw /220V 50Hz
Capacity About 1000pcs/h
Dimension 700*350*830 mm
Weight 60Kg

Q: How about the delivery time?
A: We will make the delivery within seven workingdays after getting order from customers.

Q: Which functions does the machine have?
A: It can used for peeling persimmon,apple and kiwifruit etc and high peeling rate.