Automatic Dry Garlic Peeler Machine Project with High Peeling Rate

  • Material:garlic,onion,etc
  • Capacity:280-400kg/h
  • Voltage:220V-50Hz
  • Power:4.7 kw
  • Dimension:80*80*155 cm
Automatic garlic peeler machine is suitable for peeling dry garlic skin. It has strong use and obvious peeling effect. It is an essential equipment for garlic processing project.
Automatic Garlic Peeler Machine Project
Automatic Garlic Peeler Machine Advantages
  • Has a high degree of automation.
  • One person can operate multiple machines at a time;
  • No pollution to the environment;
  • High peeling rate and low damage rate;
  • Garlic peeling process is not limited by garlic size;
  • stable performance, practical, safe, easy to operate and maintain.
Peeling Effect
Garlic Peeler Machine Peeling Effect
Manual Peeling and Machine Peeling Garlic
Dry Garlic Peeler Peeling Pinciple
The garlic peeling machine adopts the specially designed peeling principle. During the peeling process, the garlic skin are completely used without the blade and hardness friction, so the integrity, freshness and pollution of the processed garlics can be ensured.

How Garlic Peeling Machine Works?
Technical Data
Model LG-300
Voltage 220V-50Hz
Power(kw) 4.7
Electric Heating (kw) 1.5*3
Air Compressor 18.5kw
Size(cm) 80*80*155
Capacity(kg/h) 280-400kg/h

Q: I had one garlic peeler machine, but i found the peeling effect is not so perfect for peeling fresh garlic?
A: This machine is suitable for peeling dry garlic, if you want to peel fresh garlic, better to use garlic root cutting peeling method.

Q: What is the suitable amount for peeling garlic per time?
A: About 0.5 kg per time, less feeding amount will influence the peeling capacity.