Fully Automatic Banana Skin Peeling Machine

  • Material:yellow banana
  • Capacity:340-360 pcs/min
  • Voltage:220 V/380V,50Hz
  • Power:2.5 kw
This unit Automatic Banana Skin Peeling Machine from Zhengzhou Longer Machinery is a professional machine to remove skin of the yellow banana. Has reasonable design, high automation working method, can peel banana in high speed and still has good shape.
automatic banana peeling machine image
Banana Peeler Machine Advantages:
  • Suitable for all size and shape of the banana, has wide usage.
  • High automation, really save time and labor.
  • The banana and peel can separate automatically after peeling.
  • Can be used in banana chips production lne, also can be used alone.
  • The peeled banana is smooth and without damage.
different type banana peeler machine picture
Working principle of banana peeling machine:
Adopting integrated automatic peeling method, automatic feeding and automatic peeling processing technology, quickly peeling off banana skin. After peeling, the banana skin and inner banana will come out from different outlet. So can guarantee the health and clean of the banana. It has widely used in the food processing factories and production line, a big help to increase the peeling capacity.

We also have Semi-automatic plantain peeling machine and Small plantain peeler machine for sale, to meet your different demand.

How the machine for peeling banana works?
Technical Data
Model LG-340
Capacity (pcs/min) 340-360 pcs/min
Power (kw) 2.5 kw
Voltage (v) 220 V/380V, 50Hz