Small Type Onion Skin Removal Machine Onion Peeler Machine

  • Material:onion,garlic,etc
  • Capacity:180-280kg/h
  • Voltage:220v
  • Power:500w
  • Dimension:120*60*150cm
The small onion peeling machine can peel the onion without soaking. Peeled onion can be kept whole, fresh and untaminated because this machine is designed with special theory and technique.

This small onion peeler is suitable for small onions. The diameter of the onion needs to be 2-3CM. If you need process other size onion, we have other styles of automatic onion peeling machine. An onion peeling machine that can work continuously without being restricted by the size of onions.
small onion peeling machine
Advantages of Onion Skin Removal Machine:
  • High threshing rate is greater than or equal to 99%.
  • Dry peeling, no need of water, no pollution to the environment.
  • No damage of onion.
  • In the process of peeling onions, not subject to size restrictions, the size of a threshing.
  • Compact structure, small occupation area, the entire stainless steel material quality.
  • Stable performance, utility, safety, easy maintenance, simple operation.
  • Note: peeling onion roots, removal effect is better, higher yield.
Peeling Effect
onion peeling effect

Commercial Onion Peeling Machine
Since this machine is equipped with automatic conducting device,so the onion and the skin can be separated automatically.And it meets the health standards. The principle of this machie is specially designed peeling,during peeling, the onion and hardnessof the blade is completely without friction role in order that ensuring no damage to the onion, remain smooth surface, and no pollution.Suitable for any size of the onion, and the variety is not limited.This commercial dry way onion peeler with low price is a dry type peeling machine of high value.

Here is a video show you our garlic peeler machine working:
Technical Data
Model LG-1000S
Power 220v,500w,50hz
Dimension 120*60*150cm
Air Source 3.0m3/min

Q.What kind of transport way I can choose?
A. There are air /sea/land transports for your choose
Q.Can we visit your factory ?
A. Yes,please feel free to contact  and visit us.
Q:What if customers know little about import processing?
A: Our factory has rich experience in export.We will assist customers with needs step by step, from placing orders to receiving manufacturing equipment.
Q:What’s the Packing and Delivery ?  
A: We adopt the export standard wooden packing . And we can deliever through sea , DHL , Train transportation