100-300KG Per Hour Electric Heating Continuous Fryer Machine

  • Material:french fries,potato chips,etc
  • Capacity:100-300kg/h
  • Power:100 kw,2.25 kw
  • Weight:800kg,1200kg
The electric heating continuous fryer machine is suitable for frying potato fries, frozen potato fries, dry bean curd, faba bean, green beans, peanuts,crispy rice, fried dough twist, meat pieces, meat pie,chicken legs ,onion and so on. Mainly used in the large food enterprises.
continuous fryer machine
Advantages of the continuous frying machine
  • This fryer can use electricity, gas as power source.
  • Equipped with automatic lifting function, which is conducive to cleaning and sanitation.
  • Continuous frying, effectively improving capacity and saving labor.
  • Has high cost performance, wide application scope, can meet the needs of large-scale frying.
  • Use double mesh belt to transport food, upper and lower mesh belt can be frequency-controlled.
  • Automatic filter slag removal during work to ensure the quality of the fried oil.
  • Oil temperature can be adjusted from normal temperature to 300 degrees.

Frying Effect
frying effect

Snack food fryer machine principle
After the potato strips are blanched and dried, they are lifted by the hoist to the inlet of the fryer. The oil temperature is set to 185 degrees. After the potato strips are fried in the oil for about 1 minute, the conveyor belt is outputted and the next step is deoiled. The fryer is electrically heated. Safe for use, convenient, healthy, is the ideal equipment for fried food processing plants.

This video show you our finger chips frying machine working:

Technical Data
Model LG-3000
  Electric Model Gas Model
power 100kw 2.25kw
Overall Dimension 3500*1200*2400mm 35000*1800*2400mm
100-300 100-300
Weight 800kg 1200kg