Bubble Type Potato Washing Machine Commercial

  • Material:potato,ginger,strawberry,etc
  • Capacity:500kg/h
  • Voltage:380 v
  • Power:3 kw
  • Dimension:4000*1000*1300mm
The bubble type potato washing machine is suitable for cleaning, soaking, sterilizing and fixing of granular, leafy and rhizome products such as vegetables, fruits and aquatic products. The machine has high cleaning rate and stable performance.
potato washing machine

Industrial potato washer advantages
  • Save water, save electricity, save time.
  • Do not damage to the fruit and vegetables, keep the original colors of fruits and vegetables.
  • Small footprint, safe and reliable.
  • Simple installation, easy operation, easy maintenance and low energy consumption.
  • The floating objects can overflow from the overflow tank, and the sediment is discharged from the sewage outlet.
  • Smooth operation and long service life.
  • The machine main structure is made of stainless steel, meets food hygiene requirements.

Washing Effect
washing effect

Commercial potato washer principle
Use an appropriate amount of water in the equipment box in the front part of the box, and heat the water through the heating pipe. When the material passes through the box, it will roll under the combination of the bubble machine and the water, and continue to advance with the mesh belt. When the water is out, the high-end has a sprinkler, high-pressure flushing.

Here show you our machine working video to wash date:

Technical Data
Model LG-40
Dimension 4000*1000*1300mm
Power 3kw/380v
Capacity 500Kg/h
Raw Material  Stainless Steel 304