French Fries Dryer Machine With High Capacity Commercial

  • Material:tomato,potato,dates,apple,etc
  • Capacity:800-1500kg/h
  • Power:10.1 kw,13.6 kw,16.6 kw
The french fries dryer machine can be used to dry the potato after washing and dry the french fries after frying in the whole french fries production line. It can save the time to cutting and packing.
french fries dryer machine
French fries dryer advantages:
  • The discharged product can be directly packed and the surface is clean.
  • The whole machine is compact in structure, which greatly shortens the floor space.
  • After drying, can effectively protect the color and quality of the material itself.
  • The machine has stable technical performance and high efficiency.
  • The working speed can be adjusted according to your different demand.
  • The potato can be dried in all directions.
  • The air nozzle is made into a wind knife shape, which effectively increases the air volume pressure generated by the fan, and better realizes the pressure effect of the material subjected to the wind.

Drying Effect
potato drying effectfrench fries drying effect

Industrial dehydrator machine principle
When the machine works, let the material be transported on the mesh belt, and blow dry air temperature to the usual temperature. The fan can be blown up and down to enhance the flow of air and quickly dry the water on the fruit. According to the characteristics of the product, different process flow can be used and necessary auxiliary equipment can be added.

Here show you our machine working video:
Technical Data
Modle Size Voltage Capacity
LG-4000 4000*1200*1600 10.1KW 800kg/h
LG-5000 5000*1200*1600 13.6KW 1000kg/h
LG-6000 6000*1200*1600 16.6KW 1500kg/h