Soybean Bean Curd Making Machine

Introduction of Soybean Bean Curd Making Machine
This machine use two-stage cooking boiled soybean milk, to reduce the damage of soybean nutrition. Safety and health design,cleaning stainless steel manufactured, convenient.
Transparent process of soy bean products, fresh healthy, consumers can see it directly.
Advantages of Soybean Bean Curd Making Machine:
Uses the number micro computer control technology,unifies many environmental protection energy conservation tendency the design, enhances the productive efficiency and the quality.
Automatic grinding,separating,boiling.From put into soybean to get the finished soy milk.Whole process just cost 50mins.

Soybean Bean Curd Making Machine
Technical Data
Model Press Way Size of tofu tray Quantity of tray Weight Size
LGY-1 Manual 320*420*80mm 1box 30Kg 610*580*1200mm
LGY-2 Pneumatic 320*420*80mm 1box 50Kg 610*580*1200mm
LGY-3 Pneumatic 320*420*80mm 2box 120Kg 950*950*1350mm
Customized Pneumatic By customer     950*3000*1350mm

Q.What kind of transport way I can choose?
A. There are air /sea/land transports for your choose
Q. when the product will be deliver ,pls?
A.Generally ,we will delivery commodity within 7 days,except  custom-made
Q.Can we visit your factory ?
A. Yes,please feel free to contact  and visit us.
Q.Can I get a sample?

A.I am sorry.For heave cost ,we cannot offer a sample yet.