Automatic Orange Juice Making Machine/orange squeezing machine

Product feature of Automatic Orange Juice Making Machine
This Machine Is Special For Orange Juice Extractor.Large-Scale For Industrial And Commercial Purpose.Stainless Steel Material.

This Orange Juicer To Extract Pure Orange Juice Is Freshly Squeezed Juice, It Is One Of The Main Features Is: The Juice Does Not Contain Any Artificial Preservatives, Stabilizers, Pigments, Sweet Liquor, Water, Etc, And The Existing Concentrate On The Market, Canned, Bottled, Flexible Packaging, Powder And Granular Flushing Juice Have Different Nature.
Take Squeeze The Orange Juicer, Orange After Disinfection, Rinse, Directly Into The Machine, Automatic Peeling, Juice, Filtering, Freshly Squeezed Now Drink, Orange Juice In The Leather, Silk, Seedless, No Residue, Taste Good.
The Machine Design Is Reasonable, No Matter From Appearance And Internal Structure Is Advanced, The Original Contact With The Juice Are For Polypropylene And Stainless Steel And Non-Toxic Plastic A.B.S.Eating Is Absolutely Safe.The Machine Reasonable Compact Structure, Small Volume, Light Weight.

This Machine Is Suitable For Small Drink Shops, Fruit Shop, Restaurants, And Hotels, Bars, Card Room, Tea Bar, Cafe, Etc., Used Quite Widely.Successful People Are Also Applicable To The Family Use.As People Raising The Level Of Food Consumption Idea, Freshly Squeezed Juice Will Replace The Carbonated Drinks Become The Main People To Drink.Market Potential Is Considerable.
Automatic Orange Juice Making Machine
Advantage of machine of Automatic Orange Juice Making Machine:
1. This machine is especially used to extract orange juice, while it can also be used for other citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, tangerine etc.
2. It can extract juice, peel skin and separate juice from slag automatically to get fresh 
orange juice.
3. It adopts press principle so that juice comes out without slag maintaining original flavor.
4. The juice machine is ideal for cafe, juice shop, hotel, canteen, supermarket, mall etc.
5. Juicing yield is 40%~50%.
6. Press principle, no need to cut or crush oranges first.
7. High quality motor and metal gear inside.
8. Machine body is made of high quality stainless steel, long working life.
9. Low noise and high efficiency.
Technical Data
Model Voltage Capacity Weight Power Yield Dimension
LG-2000A-2 110v 60hz,220v 50hz 40oranges/min 68kg 370w 40-50% 660*640*1050mm

1.Ask:Which Kind Of Material The Machine Can Process?Only The Orange?
 Answer:Our Machine Can Squeeze The Orange,Lemon,Green Lemon,Small Grapefruit,Citrus Etc.
2.Ask:What Is Your Min.Order?
 Answer:Our Min.Order Is One Set,If You Want To Order In Large Lots,We Could Give You The Best Price.
3.Ask:What Is The Advantage Of The Juicer?
 Answer:The Machine Can Cut The Fruit Into Half,And The Press It For Preserving Fruit Flavor.