Natural Industrial Multi-function Spiral Fruit Juice Extractor

  • Material:orange,apple,lemon,etc
  • Capacity:0.5-2.5t/h
The Spiral juicer extractor machine is mainly used for squeezing the fruit and vegetable juices. Widely used for squeezing watermelon, grape, strawberry, pear, apple, lemon, orange, tomato, papaya, carrots, ginger and other fruit and vegetable juices. Suitable for Fruit and vegetable processing equipment, frozen food factory equipment, leisure food factory equipment, plant equipment, western-style food shop equipment, drink shop equipment, tea restaurant equipment, coffee equipment etc.
spiral juicer extractor machine

Main features of Fruit juice extractor machine:
  • This Spiral juice extractor is suitable for all kinds of vegetable and fruits, and extracted juices automatically separated from waste.
  • The machine adopts spiral system and high speed rotating, can complete juicing and slag discharging in one machine.
  • Equipped with filtering screen which ensures a high quality and tasty fresh juice.
  • High juice making rate.
  • Combines the function of crushing and juicing, high efficiency and easy operation.
  • The machine parts contacting materials all made of high quality stainless steel.

screw type juice machine

Working principle of Screw type juice machine:
When fruits/vegetabels are added into the feeding hopper, they receive pressure under the boosting of the spiral, the extracted juices will flow into the juice container through the filter screen, and the waste materials will be discharged through the ring interval formed between the spiral and the pressure adjusting taper part. The movement towards the axial direction can adjust the interval clearance so as to adjust the juice extracting rate.

Technical Data
Model Power Capacity
Screw diameter Size(mm)
LGZ-1 0.55KW 0.01-0.5 135MM 1000*320*980
LGZ-2 4KW 0.3-1.5 175MM 1560*450*1340
LGZ-3 11KW 0.6-2.5 215MM 2200*600*1560