Automatic Pomegranate Juice Making Machine

Application of pomegranate juice making machine
Our pomegranate juice extractor is suitable for solid liquid separation of fiber or viscous materials, such as pomegranate seed and other fibrous fruits and vegetables. For pomegranate juice, sieve holes can be made according to the size of pomegranate seed. This fruit juicer is easy to operate. It is an ideal device for food and beverage processing plants, hotels, restaurants, etc.
pomegranate juice making machine
Pomegranate juice contains vitamin A, C and E, iron and other antioxidants. It is said to be effective against heart disease, hypertension, inflammation and some cancers, including prostate cancer.

Working principle of pomegranate juice maker
When the material is pressed into the press layer, the dry pressure column is formed under the reverse pressure of the hydraulic gate. When the drying degree reaches the required standard, the hydraulic door will open, and the dry material which is continuously extruded will be discharged.
pomegranate juice extractor
Advantages of automatic pomegranate juice extractor
1. small area, easy to operate
2. high efficiency and high degree of automation
3. easy to clean, clean and sanitary
4. made of food grade stainless steel
5. high intensity of physical pressing

Video of pomegranate juice machine

Technical Data
Capacity 3T/H 5T/H 10T/H
Power of hydraulic system 1-5Mpa 2-6Mpa 2-8Mpa
motor power 4 7.5 15
Weight(kg) 1200 2000 2500
Size(mm) 3200*560*1120 4100*900*1500 4620*920*1550

Q:What is the payment method?
A:We have several payment methods, such as L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram.
Q:What is your packing specification?
A:We always use standard export wooden packing.
Q:How long is your delivery period?
A: We usually ship within seven work days.