Commercial Needle Mushroom Root Cutter Machine

  • Material:needle mushroom,cabbage,etc
  • Capacity:500-1000kg/h
  • Voltage:220/380v
  • Power:3.3kw
  • Weight:150kg
  • Dimension:2500*1200*1000mm
The Needle Mushroom Root Cutter Machine used to cut the roots of vegetables, such as celery, lettuce, spinach and other long stem vegetables. The length of removing roots can be adjustable. You can choose only to cut the root, also can finish the root cutting and stem cutting on one set of machine, only need adjust the cutting distance.
needle mushroom root cutting machine image

Features of the Celery Root Cutting Machine:
  • The machine frame are all SUS304stainless steel, durable.
  • There is a micro switch on the material inlet, safe in operation.
  • Cutting speed is fast, high output.
  • Machine to implement no wearing parts design, the use of life Longer life, lower costs.
  • The conveyor belt works automatically with fast speed and high efficiency. 
root vegetable cutting machine picture
Operations of Commercial Needle Mushroom Root Cutter Machine:
1, turn on the power switch, the motor starts to work.
2, delivery start switch, the conveyor belt starts running.
3, the neat vegetable roots near the shutter position, placed in a horizontal run of the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt is automatically fed to the vegetable garden at the high-speed rotating cutter, cutting.
4, according to the size of the vegetables to be processed, adjust adjustable stand at the turret, to be able to suppress the vegetables is limited.
5. Timing Brothers: end artificial grindstone grasp the other end of the rotary cutter garden a 30 degree angle, and blade tangent gradually close, with abrasive blade repair.

How the Vegetable Root Cutting Machine works?
Technical Data
Model LG-2
Voltage 220/380v
Power 3.3kw
Cutter speed 2800r/m
Conveyor belt speed 65r/m
Dimension 2500*1200*1000mm
Weight 150kg

1.Ask:1What Functions Of This Machine?
  Answer:Automatic Conveying And Root Cutting.
2.Ask:How About The Structure Of Machine?
  Answer:chain Tye Conveying Belt And Cutting Root For One Time.
3.Ask:The Raw Material Of The Machine?
  Answer:The Machine Made Of Stainless Steel,Full Compliance With Food Safety Standards.
4.Ask:How About Your Delivery Time?
  Answer:We Will Arrange The Deliver Within One Week After Getting Deposit From Customers.