Bubble Type Vegetable Washing Machine

The bubble type vegetable washing machine adopts bubble bath cleaning, suitable for all kinds of fruits and vegetables, can be customized according to the volume of production, equipment is made of high quality stainless steel material, conforming to the food hygiene standards.

1. Material into the sink, under the action of high pressure water and strong bubble, are fully broken up, rolling, cleaning, transfer. 
2. Sediment eluted from the material sink into the bottom isolation, won't cause pollution for again back return. Debris, insects floating on the water are collected through mesh to miscellaneous institution, filament, such as hair clean up by brush roller. 
3. Clean materials then through water spray cleaning, are sent to the next working procedure. 
4. We have vegetable cooking machine, filming machine, cooling line, drying equipment, etc., which are the ideal equipment for vegetables, food processing, food and beverage industry.

1.Equipment is equipped with bubble generator, the materials become rollover states, remove pesticide residues on the surface.
2.This cleaning machine is an important part in  cleaning line, applicable to a variety of fruits, vegetables (fresh vegetables, salted and preserved vegetables, fungi) aquatic products, etc..
3.All made of stainless steel equipment, is a special equipment for washing food.
Technical Data
Model LG-40
Dimension 4000*1000*1300mm
Power 3kw/380v
Capacity 500 kg/h
Materail Stainless Steel 304