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Zhengzhou Longer Machinery Co. Ltd. founded in year of 2012. We mainly engaged in all kinds of fruit and vegetable machinery,and the solution of all kinds of fruit and vegetable. We located in Zhengzhou city; the capital of Henan Province in china .Our company has many years export experience of in machinery. We have outstanding quality control personnel as well as well trained technical workers.
01Visiting Route
LONGER professional online service and skilled engineers are always waiting for you! You can contact us with Skype, Yahoo, MSN and ICQ, which is direct and convenient.
02Business reception
The luxurious commercial vehicles serves you during the whole journey, completely solving the travel problems after you come to Zhengzhou; elegant cafe keeps you comfortable when negotiate with us.
03Visiting exhibition hall
LONGER’s salesman will take you to visit our firstclass production line, advanced manufacturing equipment, imported inspection systems, modern machinery exhibition hall and spare parts exhibition hall, bringing you a more intuitive impression of the scale of production equipment.
04Visiting on-site customer
We have on the basis of domestic market, developed international market and established a sales network throughout the world. Our products are sold very well throughout China and are also introduced to South-east Asia, Eastern Europe,and Africa.