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The knowledge about green been head and end cutter

Jul 28, 2015Published by Wendy
Some of you maybe not really know about green been head and end cutter machine .So,today ,there is some thing about it.

The high efficiency, low consumption make machine enjoy great popular in many area and commercials.It used to cut the two ends of green bean,Put the bean into the machine,It can remove the head and end automatically,The capacity can reach 300400kg Per Hour. The machine suitable for green beans to moving head and tail, and is an Ideal product to remove the bean head and tail.grean bean cutting machine

Bean from the feed port after arc guide feed into a drum, Drum rotational speed is higher, The Head And Tail Out Sword Bean Into The Drum Of The Plastic Cracks,By Several Groups of different azimuth of stainless steel blade before and after cut off the heads of finish cutting process, The drum has a certain slope, Frozen.Green Edge Rolling Edge, Finally dropped out of the roller smooth discharge and eccentric orifice plate inside the drum Is equipped with guide, control the speed of the material and arrange bearing does not damage the sword bean.Design scientific and reasonable, The blade made of high carbon stainless steel polishing treatment cold-press quenching, And it is durable.

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