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Almond Sheller Machine

Mar 09, 2017Published by sherry
Almond sheller machine
Almond sheller machine is a simple equipment, This machine is Almond Three-Stage Shelling Machine, it is composed of sheller and hoister. Three shelling machine is mainly used for shelling shelling all kinds of hard shell nuts,such as almond,hazelnut,pistachio,camellia fruit and so on.
It is automatic feeding with the hoister.It can shell hard nuts with three different levels at the same time.By adjusting the clearance of all levels of processing roller without grading the nuts,you can shell them at one time.
1)High-efficiency, easy to operate, fully meet the needs of small dried fruit processing;
2)Almond Shelling Machine can shell almond,hazelnut,pistachio,camellia fruit and other hard shell nuts with three different levels at the same time.
3)High shelling rate of 99% and low damage rate of 1%.
4)Small footprint, easy production line composition.
5)Almond Shelling Machine has reasonable designment,with low damage rate.It is the most ideal hard nuts processing equipment currently.