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The future development trend of peanut sheller

Feb 24, 2017Published by sherry
peanut sheller
With the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure, coupled with the gradual rise in peanut prices in recent years, peanut planting area showed an increasing trend. Peanut has a high economic value, peanut seeds can be made into a variety of health food, such as peanut oil, peanut shells can be made into a variety of building materials, market demand.
Rely on artificial peanut peeling time-consuming, labor efficiency is low, can not meet the market demand.
The peanut sheller is the inevitable trend of peanut mechanization development, and it is also a major part of the mechanization of peanut production.
Peanut sheller by shelling mechanism, vibration sieve, a hood, motor, fan, driving mechanism, has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, high production efficiency, low price, through the promotion of testing for nearly 2 years, and achieved certain results, and summarizes the technical specification of peanut shelling machine, lay the technical foundation for the healthy and orderly development of peanut shelling industry.