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Double Belts Onion Skin Removing Machine With High Efficiency

Mar 24, 2018Published by Camille
The double belts onion skin removing machine is the most advanced big capacity onion processing equipment at home and abroad.The onion skin removing machine can peel any states onion one time no matter they are oval or flat, small or big, skin thick or thin, loose or tight, dry or wet. And it can peel completely without any damage.What’s more, its efficiency is very high.

This onion peeler  machine is the most advanced large-scale onion processing equipment in China. It can peel all kinds of onions at one time, whether oval or flat, large or small, thick or thin, loose or tight, dry or moist, and Can be completely stripped without any damage. The device has obtained national patent protection and is widely used in the vegetable processing industry.
The onion skin remover is equipped with automatic control device and automatic feeding device. The onion can separate automatically without any damage,superior quality.And it is very popular in the market.
 onion skin removing machine
Advantages of onion skin removing machine include:
1.The onion peeling machine uses no knife skin, stripping the onion smooth without damage.
2.The machine is equipped with "cortical controller", onion stripping volume can be freely controlled,cost savings.
3.The onion peeler  for the omnipotent onions such as oval, flat, small onion, large onion can be perfect peeled.
Packaging & Shipping
1.We always use standard export wooden packing, carton box.
2.You can choose express, by air, by train or by sea. Always we will give our best recommend based on our experience.
3.We cooperate with China best shipping company to get best price and fast delivery.
4. You will get full feedback when your machine is on the way.

onion skin removing machine