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Automatic French Fries Cutter Commerical

Jan 26, 2018Published by admin
French fires cutter machine for commercial use
1. cut potatoes or onions, taro, and papaya into filamentous, without damage.
2. after cutting. Potato chips can be boiled or fried in the next step.
3, suitable for fast food restaurants, potato chips factory, food processing plant.
4. this machine can be connected to the next process of the whole production line.

Why do you choose the french fries cutter machine:
* easy to clean.
* high efficiency and large capacity.
* the operation is simple.
* the speed is fast.

Application of the french fries cutting machine:
It is suitable for schools, restaurants, big factories, food processing plants, supermarkets and other kitchens.
Be careful
It can be connected to the processing steps such as washing, peeling, grinding, drying, packing and so on.

automatic french fries cutter machine commercial for sale