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Automatic Fruit And Vegetable Washer And Dryer Line

Mar 26, 2018Published by Camille
The automatic washer and dryer line is convenient and easy to operate. Only need you put the raw materials into the equipment, after the set time, you will get a clean and complete product. Is it amazing?
The washing and drying line for fruits and vegetables are mainly used to remove surface moisture. After washing, fruits and vegetables are removed by strong winds from the equipment, and the remaining water droplets on fruits and vegetables can be removed in time. In addition to water and drying, they can also enter the following processing steps, such as cutting, squeezing or packaging.
fruit and vegetable washer and dryer
Automatic fruit and vegetable washing and drying machine works very simple, the strong wind removes water from the surface of the consequent vegetables at room temperature. The machine adopts a continuous batch conveying system to make the materials run smoothly during the feeding process. The conveying speed difference and height difference are transmitted through the intermittent network and materials, and all surfaces are evenly distributed during cornering.
fruit and vegetable washer and dryer
Fruit and vegetable washing and drying machine has many advantages,first,it effectively removes the water droplets on the surface of the material to make the surface glossy, bright and unstained. Besides,it greatly shortens the preparation of labeling and packing, is suitable for pipeline operation, and improves the automation level of enterprise production. What’s more,the blowing temperature is two kinds of temperature and high temperature, which can effectively protect the color and quality of the material itself.

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