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Fruit Weight Sorting Machine Good Price For Sale

Feb 07, 2018Published by Wendy
The automatic fruit weight sorting machine for apple, pear, persimmon, onion, mango, citrus, lemon, potato, grapefruit and other fruits and vegetables is made up of 3 main parts.
1. automatic feeding part: the fruit is sent to the conveyor belt by the automatic feeding machine. The fruit is sent to the weighing plate automatically.
2. automatic weighing part: calculate the weight of the fruit in the weighing disc through the electronic scale.
3. automatic classification part: automatically assigned to the designated area according to the different weight.
Main features of fruit check and sorting machine:
1. automatic, PLC control, set weight, logic and statistics as a whole.
2. good quality, high precision, less fault, long life, wide range of adaptation.
3. simple operation, high efficiency, compared with the traditional mechanical weighing, efficiency increased by more than 2 times.

automatic fruit weight sorting machine