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Hot sell Chestnut Roaster Machine

Feb 28, 2017Published by sherry
Chestnut Roaster machine is used widely in drying and roasting various of beans,nuts, and seeds, i.e. peanut, almond, walnut,beans, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, etc. It adopts electricity or gas as heating source. It has rotary drum, adopts heat conduction and heat radiation as principle. It heats by indirect hot air instead of direct fire, along with an automatic temperature control, so that it ensures an evenly heating, and a good roasting result.
 roasting chestnut
Feature of this machine:
1.stainless steel, with casters, easy to move, arc structure, beautiful shape.
2.The pot has large capacity.The capacity of each pot is 20 liters
3.Tempered glass,durable,good perspective and good display effective.
4.There is heating element under the pot.
5.There is a motor in the bottom of each pot to make the propeller in the pot to move around.
6. High-strength heat-resistant glass, transparent, strong, durable, has a good display of results;
7. soot emissions with fan, clean the surrounding air, are eco-friendly.