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How Are Banana Chips Made?

Mar 30, 2019Published by Ellie
How are banana chips made?
Nowadays, banana chips has been the most popular snack from all over the world. So do you want to know how the banana chips made? As professional food processing manufacturer, we have researched many ways to make banana chips in high capacity and high automation, and finally, we matched with this Fully Automatic Banana Chips Making Machine Line, which can be used in the plantain chips production line.
fully automatic banana chips making machine
Just like the normal way, the first step to make banana chips is to peel banana. We have different machines which is suitable for green banana and yellow banana. The Banana Peeling Machine is now widely used in the whole production line, is the most important machine to start making banana chips. You can peel a variety of size and shape of the banana in our machine, and can get peeled banana in high capacity.

After peeling banana, we need cut the peeled banana into slice shape. Our Banana Slicer Machine is a professional machine to cut banana slice. You can change the cutting size according to your different need. The minimum size can be 2mm. It has easy operation and widely usage. Can be widely used for different fruit and vegetable.

Here is a video of our banana peeling and cutting machine working:

Getting the banana slice, then you can fry them. We have different type frying machines can meet your demand. According to your heating method and production capacity, we can match the most suitable machine to make the processing easier and safer. We also have deoiling machineflavoring machine and packing machine to make production line compete.

Now this Plantain Chips Production Line has sold to many countries. We have rich experience in exporting and shipping, so you can cooperate with us freely. Any question, you can send email:ellie@machinehall.com to me.