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How Does Factory Peel Garlic

Jun 16, 2022Published by admin
With the development of social economy, garlic deep processing has gradually entered the market economy, and garlic deep processing products are deeply loved by the public. As a raw material, garlic is easily subject to the restrictions of the domestic market and export quotas, which has led to the rapid development of garlic deep processing enterprises. Among the garlic deep processing equipment, the garlic peeling equipment is the most used. Now, let's take a look at how the factory removes the garlic skin.
Peeling Garlic Factory

1. Introduction Of Garlic Peeling Machine

A device that replaces manual garlic peeling with a machine is called a garlic peeler. Divide the garlic cloves by hand or use the garlic clove breaking equipment to break the cloves and put them into the gas offline hopper. When the air pressure reaches 0.8MPA, turn on the knob switch, and adjust the gas offline relay according to the size of the garlic cloves to control the length of time.

2,Principle Of Garlic Peeling Machine

The garlic peeling machine adopts the principle of pneumatics, uses compressed air as the production power, and generates strong cyclone eddy currents through multi-point air jets to make the garlic peel naturally. Garlic peeling machine always grasps the development trend of international similar products, and is widely used in vegetable processing plants, condiments, hotels and large vegetable wholesale markets.

3. Advantages Of Garlic Peeling Machine

1. Fully digital automatic control, high degree of automation, one person can operate multiple units at the same time, the operation is simpler and safer;
2. Energy saving and environmental protection, no water is used in the working process, no pollution to the environment;
3. The peeling rate can reach more than 95%, and the garlic skin and rice are automatically separated;
4. All parts that come into contact with garlic are made of high-quality stainless steel, which ensures food safety and hygiene;
5. The garlic rice is undamaged and smooth, and the storage time is longer.
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